Symptoms of EMF Sensitivity with Lloyd Burrell

Symptoms of EMF Sensitivity, Preview Clip with Lloyd Burrell
kay. So, you listed off a long list of EMF Sensitivity symptoms, which, I would imagine most of the people watching this have experienced some version of those symptoms or multiple of those symptoms.

Okay. So, you listed off a long list of EMF Sensitivity symptoms, which, I would imagine most of the people watching this have experienced some version of those symptoms or multiple of those symptoms. How do people go discerning whether these are actually caused by EMFs or something else?

Lloyd (00:24):

This is the problem, this is the big problem. And there is a long list of symptoms, I only mentioned a few. Brain fog is another one I didn’t mention, but now I have. It is incredibly difficult, and this is why I realized that I was actually very fortunate in what happened to me. Because I had the reaction, I knew it was my cell phone, it was that obvious. Whereas, unfortunately, what’s happening with many people is… Well, this is the thing, really, this is the key thing of this talk, if you want. And this is what I’ve learned from science, is that EMFs affects everybody. Some people can feel it. I can still feel it, I don’t get the debilitating symptoms, but I can still feel it. But EMFs are impacting everybody. And so whether you feel it or not, they are impacting, and when we say impacting, they are damaging your biology, your cellular function at some level, because it’s all about the cells.

Lloyd (01:26):

When we look [inaudible 00:01:27] how do EMFs impact the body, when we talk about these adverse biological effects, again, which, there are thousands of studies. For instance, a great resource is the Bioinitiative Report which first came out in 2007, which reviewed 30 years of science on this. And that was updated in 2012. And in the 2012 version, they reviewed the 1,800 studies in the intermediary period. So between 2007 and 2012, another 1,800. And this is a report which was created by independent scientists, researchers, public policymakers. And really, the clear call to action was that the existing safety guidelines don’t protect us at all, really. Not at all.

Lloyd (02:23):

So many, many adverse biological effects. It’s all about how it affects the cells, and it is complex, and I can go into that a little bit if you want. But it impacts the cells. And what impacts your cells impacts your tissues, what impacts your tissues impacts your organs. We know it impacts the brain and we know it impacts the gut, for instance.

Joe (02:53):

So I imagine, as I’m listening to this, if someone wants to test if they’re sensitive to a food, if they’re reacting or allergic to a food they would cut that food out. And then if their symptoms get better, then they can attach those symptoms to that food. Is it the same thing? Do you need to just detox from Wi-Fi and EMFs for a week or so and then see if your symptoms improve?

Lloyd (03:18):

Well, yeah, actually. Well, that is one of the recommendations that I have. This is a way, that is exactly it. It’s rather difficult to do, actually. But I have a slight refinement on what you just said, and that is to go, you don’t really need a week. Mostly, you can… Well, if you’re symptomatic and you go camping in the woods up a mountain, not necessarily up a mountain, but you go away from things, don’t take your cell phone, get away from things. And that contact with nature, obviously, will just be beneficial in itself. But then if you notice that there’s an improvement in your condition, that your symptoms have reduced, obviously, compared to when you’re in your normal environment, then this is a good indicator.

Lloyd (04:11):

Now, there are some biomarkers. There’s a gentleman called Professor Belpomme, actually in Paris, funnily enough, who’s studied this and has noted some biomarkers that can indicate that people are electrically hypersensitive. But it’s really difficult, really, to pinpoint that it is EMFs. And so for most people, the thing is to… I say to people, “Look, don’t just listen to me. Do your own research on this.” Okay. So, maybe what I’m saying has interested you in some way because people are… There’s different categories of people, but the kind of person that’s listening to this today is almost certainly health-conscious, wanting to do something to improve their health, to learn whatever they can, steps to improve their health. And we do so many things, like being careful about what we eat and detoxing, and working out, and being careful with relationships even, and things like this. And that’s good for your health.

Lloyd (05:18):

And yet, we’re overlooking this really big, big elephant in the room which is EMFs, which is a major cellular stressor and which causes premature aging, according to studies, again. Even if you don’t get cancer or… It’s not a question of getting cancer or whatever, it’s studies are linking these exposures to cancer, to Alzheimer’s, to Parkinson’s, to just about every neurodegenerative disease that you can imagine, to leaky gut, to really, honestly, you name it, the science is out there. It’s not well known, but it’s good science, it’s strong science. So yeah, the links are there.

Joe (06:08):

Yeah. Certainly plenty of research out there. And I know that they can find a lot of that research on your website, so I do want to mention that your website is You’ve got a lot of great articles on there and a lot of the research is on there. So, I do want to encourage people to go check out your website.

Joe (06:24):

Let’s talk about the connection with the gut, because you mentioned you had gut symptoms when you were exposed to these. And I think, again [inaudible 00:06:32] thinking back about what a microwave does to food, it basically kills any form of life in that food in the process of heating it up. So, I can’t help but imagine that as we’re enveloped in this microwave radiation, what’s that doing to our gut microbiome, to our intestinal lining, and things like that?

Lloyd (06:58):

Yeah, absolutely. And this happened to me, it was actually, I thought I was over it. And it sort of came back like a boomerang, the whole thing with the gut. And then I started researching it a bit. So yeah, the microbiome, this amazing thing, all this bacteria, really all these microorganisms. In fact, we’re made of more microorganisms than we are our own cells, there’s that many of them, there’s like a hundred trillion or something, I don’t know if anybody’s ever really counted them. And many different species, something like a thousand species from what I understand. And what’s important, and I’m sure that you’re covering this on your event with regards to the gut, is that we’ve got 80% of our immune system in our gut. So, it’s super important.

Lloyd (07:55):

And if we disrupt our gut microbiome, then this will at some point lead to what I call “dis-ease,” and which can be a long list of diseases, notably autoimmunity. So, EMFs is this big overlooked factor. And there’s really two aspects from the science which I can share with you. The first one is that EMFs tend to cause bad bacteria to overgrow. And the second one is that they reduce the amount of good bacteria in your microbiome, that’s to say, what you need to digest and absorb food and so on. And then it gets worse, so if that’s not already bad enough, is the EMFs can also cause this good bacteria to become pathogenic, that’s to say, to go bad, and also cause a proliferation of pathogens and may create a kind of resistance to antibiotics.

Lloyd (09:05):

And there’s one, notably, there’s been a study done on this with E. coli. So, E. coli is just like one of the thousands of bacteria which is in your gut. And E. Coli, there’s a balance because this is a kind of a mutually beneficial relationship, because that’s the whole thing to understand with the microbiome, it’s not like the bacteria is bad. We got this idea bacteria is bad. It’s not that bacteria is bad, it’s when it’s kind of out of control, disturbed by I don’t know what, chemicals and stuff and EMFs which is, as I’m explaining, that’s what’s bad is when it’s no longer… This natural balance is being upset, that’s what’s bad, and this proliferation of what we call “bad bacteria,” too much of a certain bacteria, let’s put it like that, that’s the problem. So, E. coli is one form which can become very negative and pathogenic. So, we get an overgrowth of this E. coli. And this is associated with a whole load of conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, and diarrhea and things like that. So, I’ll share with you a study.

Lloyd (10:29):

We got a 2017 study out of Iran on this which found two things. When bacteria like E. coli is exposed to cell phone and Wi-Fi radiation, its growth rate was significantly faster. Yeah, so that ties in what I was saying before. And it found that within a six-hour window after exposure, the bacteria was more resistant to antibiotics. So, this is quite a big deal, this antibiotic resistance. Because antibiotics, I’m not really one for antibiotics, but I do realize in certain circumstances they can be a lifesaver. And if we’re developing antibiotic resistance in the population as a whole, then this is really serious. And in fact, according to some experts, could be one of the biggest threats to global health. So, yeah.

Lloyd (11:31):

And then we’ve got another 2016 study which highlighted the consequences of these millimeter waves. So, what are millimeter waves? Well, when [inaudible 00:11:41] millimeter waves, [inaudible 00:11:42] 5G. And I can expand on what exactly 5G and why that’s important to understand and what there is to know about, understand about, 5G. But this 2016 study found that there are changes in the sensitivity to different chemicals of bacteria. So, that’s what there is to understand, it’s not just EMFs. It’s the EMFs with the chemicals, with the antibiotics, perhaps, with all are the crazy things we’re doing, the processed foods and the GMOs and all the other things, that are just an assault on our gut.

Lloyd (12:28):

And the other important aspect here is, because EMFs impact us in so many different ways, but one of the important ways they impact us is that it causes inflammation. And there’s some really brilliant work being done by a gentleman called Dr. Martin Pall, P-A-L-L, who’s out of Washington State, Professor Emeritus at Washington State University, and he kind of put two and two together and discovered that these EMF exposures were impacting the cell membrane. And in the cell membrane, there’s something called the voltage-gated calcium channels, and these are gateways, if you want, that let in and out calcium. And when we’re zapped by EMFs, which everybody is more and more, then it disregulates this normal functioning, we get too much calcium in the cells, and this creates free radicals. Now, free radicals is, like, the leading theory on disease. Free radicals, oxidative stress [inaudible 00:13:38] nitrite, to be precise, and just a whole long list of effects downstream of these exposures, and like five seconds, floods the cell with just millions of these calcium ions.

Joe (13:59):

So, five seconds of exposure to EMF or to 5G?

Lloyd (14:02):

Five seconds of exposure to EMFs. It’s actually microwave radiation, to be precise. Radio frequency, microwave radiation, like your cell phone, like your Wi-Fi, like your Bluetooth, whatever it is, gadget, that’s how fast and how significant it is. So, we’ve got this inflammatory aspect. There’s many, many aspects, but obviously this inflammatory aspect is relevant to what we’re talking about today because that’s what’s happening often when we talk about leaky gut and different things which are happening with the gut. It’s inflammation. And so, yeah. And so there is, I’m not going to say, Joe, that this is clear cut. But what I’m saying is, there’s sufficient evidence out there on this question, there are aspects of EMFs which are really clear cut because there’s so much science, but there’s less science on this. But for me, it’s pretty obvious what’s going on.

Joe (15:04):

Yeah. And I think people realize that, especially, particularly with leaky gut, which we’re hearing a lot about obviously on this series, that is caused by inflammation and some of the mechanisms there. And if EMFs are causing inflammation, and particularly if they’re disrupting the balance [inaudible 00:15:26] microbes, there’s a horribly perfect storm here.

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Symptoms of EMF Sensitivity, Preview Clip with Lloyd Burrell

Symptoms of EMF Sensitivity with Lloyd Burrell

kay. So, you listed off a long list of EMF Sensitivity symptoms, which, I would imagine most of the people watching this have experienced some version of those symptoms or multiple of those symptoms.