Rewire Your Brain Masterclass

Dr. Titus Chiu

Exploring Root Causes of Brain Dysfunction

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Dr. Chiu’s mission is to show the world what’s possible in the realm of healing and human potential using his heart, hands, voice and mind. He brings the best of both Eastern and Western medicine together – combining the art of traditional healing with the latest breakthroughs in brain science, nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

Dr. Chiu uses Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology to help people struggling with post-concussion syndromeanxiety, memory loss, brain fog and brain fatigue and many other complex neurological conditions experience a whole new level of health– by getting to the root cause of what’s ailing them.

He offers life-changing Brain Healing programs to people from all over the world both online and in-person in his clinical offices located in California.

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  1. Great interview! Where is the link for the quiz Dr. Chiu mentioned? (My ‘Learn More’ button is not functional)

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