Rewire Your Brain Masterclass

Dr. Dan Kalish

Functional Approach to Rewiring Your Brain

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Dr. Daniel Kalish is the founder of the Kalish Institute, an online training program dedicated to building Functional Medicine practices. Since 2006, the Kalish Institute has helped develop practice models for more than 1,000 practitioners worldwide.  

In 2017, Dr. Kalish partnered with The Institute for Functional Medicine to create “My Practice Plan,” an online training program. The course curriculum centers around the development of business skills to assist doctors with practice implementation. This collaborative project between the Kalish Institute and IFM focuses on a heart-centered, hands-on approach to designing an ideal practice plan and is intended to address the lack of practice management instruction available in the Functional Medicine arena. 

Dr. Kalish received his B.A. in physiology and psychology from Antioch College and completed his chiropractic degree at Life West. He studied at the University of London and conducted research with biochemist Dr. Robin Monroe at Cambridge University. His educational pursuits led him to mentor with renowned psychiatrist R.D. Lang, as well as John R. Lee, MD, a pioneer in the use of progesterone. More recently, Dr. Kalish proudly served as an advisor to the Honorable Patrick Kennedy and participated in the first One Mind For Research Conference where 200 of the nation’s top neuroscientists gathered to promote research on brain disorders. 

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  1. Dr. Dan has such a specific set of insights into our brain health. I don’t know anyone who knows more, nor who has more specific puzzle pieces we need that don’t get talked about as much as they should. What’s your experience?

    I’m not done watching or listening – just had to stop & let you know that I’m finding
    it very encouraging, informative & beneficial. I so appreciate the dedication, time, , your warm appeal & sincerity, your own appreciation &/excitement of discovery and the manner you all exude in presenting this vital information because you truly CARE !! I definitely will order this. It has enhanced even more so my gratitude for our wonderful Creator giving us this marvel called a brain & thankful for your inquisitive minds to bring out the wisdom you have learned all to our benefit. Again, I THANK YOU ALL ❤️, & I THANK My GOd❤️

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