Rewire Your Brain Masterclass

Event & Affiliate Details

Thanks for your interest in being a part of our upcoming Rewire Your Brain Masterclass. I’m thrilled to partner with Dr. Rob Downey, MD, IFMCP. 

This is the 7th weekend masterclass I’ve produced and, in my opinion, the most important. 

As you’re likely aware, the rates of anxiety, stress, depression, and fear have skyrocketed, particularly over the past couple of years. 

Dr. Rob and I are on a mission to free people from the emotions and thought patterns that are holding them back from living a full, happy, and healthy life. 

And full transparency, these are areas I’ve struggled with myself. And I know so many others are struggling as well which is why we decided to create this event. 

And that’s why we need your support, wisdom, and expertise.

Why a “Weekend” Masterclass?

We’ve read the emails, and conducted surveys from our communities, and people LOVE the shorter, more punctuated event. They can plan the weekend around the masterclass, and don’t get overwhelmed. 

Because of that, attendees are highly engaged. 

In the past, we’ve seen $4 – $5 overall EPLs on average, and because of the timeliness and importance of this event, I believe we will see at least a $5 or more EPL this time around. 

Over the years, over 200,000 people have attended my weekend masterclasses, and they are always high-value and high-converting offers. We project that 80,000 – 100,000 people will attend this event. 

Our speaker list is exclusive for these events, usually topping out at 20 speakers. That means our speakers don’t get lost in the shuffle, and more people hear their message. 

Affiliates are by invitation only, as we seek to partner only with people of the highest integrity. In short, if you’re reading this, we think very highly of you and your work. 

Our primary mission is to impact as many people as possible. The world needs healing and more people living a life full of passion and purpose.

To that end, we’ve brought on one of the industry’s top affiliate managers, Jackie Rey. We expect approximately 100,000 attendees for this event alone.

Our Guest Speakers

Dr. Tom O'Bryan
Dr. Elena Villanueva
Dr. Austin Perlmutter
Dr. Achina Stein
Dr. Dan Kalish
Dr. Kessha Ewers
Dr. Titus Chiu
Dr. Ryan Wohlfert
Dr. Michelle Veneziano
Dr. Peter Kan
Jane Hogan
Debora Wayne
Dr. Kat Toups
Dr. Catherine Clinton
Dr. Titus Chiu
Marc David
John Calabrese
Ari Whitten

Event Details (Dates subject to change)

Promotion period: April 16th – May 4th

Event: May 4th – May 7th

Encore Weekend: May 11th – 13th

We will be first click in (so promote early), and affiliates will earn the following:

  • 50% commission on initial sales (masterclass price will be $57 pre-sale and $67 during the event)
  • 30% commission on a course upsell (projected price for course will be $120-$150)
  • 50% commission on an order bump ($25 product price)

Plus, our top 5 affiliates will receive a dedicated email to a free offer or event (offer needs to be approved before emailing). 

We will also have cash contests for leads.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at or

Best wishes, 

Joe Rignola and Dr. Rob Downey