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Why You Need to Rewire Your Brain?

We have thousands and thousands of thoughts per day and research has discovered this alarming fact…

MOST of these thoughts are negative and are rooted in the subconscious!

This stems from past events, experiences, and even traumas.

It can also be a result of well-meaning caregivers who were trying to protect us.

One thing is for certain: when you have thoughts like, “I’m not good enough, I’m not capable, I’ll never succeed, I’ll never be healthy, and others,” those aren’t true.

In fact, it’s not even your voice. They are thoughts and paradigms that were taught to you over years or decades of conditioning.

It’s time to break free form these mental shackles that are keeping you stuck.

In This One-of-a-Kind Event, You Will Learn:

Our World-Class Experts Are Here To Guide You On The Most Important Journey Of Your Life… The Journey BACK To Your True Self!

"The Rewire Your Brain Masterclass conversation was a toolkit for how to reclaim brain wellness in a world where poor brain health has become the default."

– Dr. Austin Perlmutter

Meet Your Experts...

Dr. Elena Villanueva
  • Learning to Process Trauma
  • Releasing Trapped Emotional Toxins
  • Bioenergetic Medicine: The Future of Health Care
Dr. Austin Perlmutter
  • The Fallacy of Static Neurons and Brain Cells
  • The Unhealthy Paradigm of Consumer Psychology 
  • Simple Habits to Improve Brain Function and Mood
Dr. Keesha Ewers
  • Liberation from Attachment, Suffering, and Mental Constructs
  • Trauma and Your Microbiome
  • Working Through The Stages of Healing
Dr. Dan Kalish
  • The Clinical Research of Neuroplasticity 
  • Viral and Post-Viral Infections and Brain Function
  • Leveraging Stress to Improve Brain Health
Dr. Tom O'Bryan
  • The Gut, Inflammation, and Brain Health
  • The Impact of Environmental Toxins on Your Brain and Mood
  • Leaky Gut = Leaky Brain
Dr. Michelle Veneziano
  • Guided Meditation for Dropping Into Your Body
  • Connecting with Heart to Improve Brain Function
  • The Medicine of Self-Love
Dr. Ryan Wohlfert
  • How The Mind is a Root Cause of Poor Immunity, Fatigue, and Pain
  • How Your Posture and Skeletal Structure Impacts Mood and Brain Function
  • How to Achieve Your Health, Wealth, and Relationship Goals
Dr. Achina Stein
  • Exploring ALL the Tools to Help Brain Function
  • Leveraging Your Diet to Help Balance Mind, Body, and Mood
  • The Role of Medication for Depression and Anxiety
Dr. Catherine Clinton
  • How Your Connection to The Earth Can Help Rewire Your Brain
  • Connecting Ancient Science with Our Modern World
  • Reframing Your Anxious Mind
Dr. Peter Kan
  • Different Types of Neuroplasticity  
  • Inflammation and Brain Health
  • How Your Thoughts and Actions Create New Pathways
Jane Hogan
  • Understanding Your Subconscious Programming 
  • Connecting Your Breath, Mind, and Body
  • Positive Thinking and Visualization to Rewire Your Brain
Ari Whitten
  • The Multiple Functions of Your Mitochondria
  • External Happiness vs. True Inner Happiness
  • Surprising Benefits of (the right kind of) Stress
Debora Wayne
  • Why Pain is Your Friend
  • How to Release Stress, Anxiety, and Pain
  • PLUS, Experience a profound Energy Healing Session
Dr. Michele Veneziano (PT. 2)
  • Hydration: Water and Vital Energy
  • How Poor Posture and Sitting Closes Your Heart and Decreases Energy
  • Whole Body Breathing for Mood, Energy, and Brain Function
Dr. Titus Chiu
  • The 3 Pillars of Brain Health
  • Improving Memory, Brain Fog, and Sleep
  • Training and Strengthening Your Brain
Marc David
  • Why You Should Respect Your Stress, Anxiety, and Fear
  • How You Inherit Negative and Limiting Beliefs 
  • Love and Respect Where You Are To Heal
Dr. Kat Toups

+ Root Causes Key to Changing Outcome

+ Lifestyle Practices for Brain Protection

+ When a Functional Medicine Provider is Important

John Calabrese

+ Why everyone needs therapy

+ Impacts of Repetitive Negative Thought Patterns

+ The Complex Gradient of Trauma

Kiran Krishnan
  • Optimizing The Gut-Brain Axis
  • How to Use Psychobiotics
  • Little-Known Connection Between Your Skin and Mental Health
Alex Howard

+ The Many Forms of Trauma

+ How Trauma Manifests in Adulthood

+ Tips to Help You Integrate and Move Forward

Michael Roesslein

+ Different Healing Modalities for Trauma



Dr. Jeffrey Bland

+ Functional Medicine Approach to Brain Health

+ Protecting Yourself from Cognitive Decline

+ Tips to Help You Integrate and Move Forward

Dr. Rob Downey and Joe Rignola

+ Highlights from the Masterclass

+ Our Favorite Tips and Action Steps

+ Tips to Help You Integrate and Move Forward

"My good friend and colleague Dr. Downey is an inspiration to us all to reach out and impact our communities, sharing knowledge towards improving health and healthcare outcomes. Always a pleasure to work with Dr. Downey and strong supporter of his work."

– Dr. Dan Kalish

Thanks to Our Co-Producers

About Your Hosts

Dr. Rob Downey is a family practice MD and IFM Certified Practitioner. He grew up in Montana and has practiced medicine in Montana and Alaska for twenty-plus years.

He loves living in Alaska. He takes joy in family time, whole food, mindfulness, running, skiing, cycling, fishing, rafting, reading, poetry, road trips and listening to music (with an everlasting soft spot for loud alternative/rock-and-roll).

He finds functional medicine endlessly fascinating for its ability to transform lives into radiant vitality. If you don’t find him at his clinic, or by a window at home, with a hot beverage and a book, you will find him out-of-doors.

Joe Rignola

Joe Rignola is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, and best-selling author. He began his own health journey about 16 years ago while dealing with depression, anxiety, severe digestive issues, weight gain, and more. 

After researching alternatives to the medications he was on, Joe was able to take control of his health by changing his diet and lifestyle.

Filled with gratitude for his newfound health and energy, Joe went back to school to study health and nutrition so he could help others along their journey. 

He is the founder of the 200,000-member community,

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