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Learn Everything You Need to Know About Optimizing Your Gut and Balancing Your Microbiome So You Can Reverse Symptoms Like Fatigue, Pain, Inflammation, Autoimmunity, Brain Fog, and More–Plus, You Can Listen Anywhere, On Any Device.
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Many Larger Online Events are Time Consuming, Confusing, and Expensive. 

Remove the overwhelm and frustration you may experience when trying to attend large online summits and other events that can take place over a week or more.

And with new research emerging daily on the gut and microbiome, searching the internet for simple, concrete steps to heal your gut can just lead to more frustration.

Look, when you’re dealing with symptoms like fatigue, pain and inflammation, brain fog, autoimmunity, and more, the last thing you need is an overload of contradictory information.

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It’s time to clear the confusion!

With The Healthy Gut AudioCourse, you’re learning directly from a top functional medicine doctor in a fun and easy-to-understand way.

There’s no fluff or wasted time—just hyper-focused, straight-to-the-point information to help you fast track your health journey. 

You’re busy. I get it. That’s why you can listen to AudioCourses anywhere and on any device.

The Healthy Gut AudioCourse
And it comes complete with transcripts and a workbook so you can follow along, take notes, and track your success.

You’re Moments Away From Simple Solutions

Simple Solutions

Imagine learning at your pace, on your time, easily. Imagine the “ah-ha” moments as you breeze through this fun, life-changing AudioCourse. Imagine your life free from pain, inflammation, brain fog, and fatigue. 

Imagine having absolute certainty and confidence as the steps for abundant health are clearly laid out for you.

Yes! It IS possible.

This is a unique opportunity to learn directly from a leading functional medicine doctor who’s had profound success with thousands of patients.

Will you be next? Stop imagining and jump into The Healthy Gut AudioCourse today!

About Your Teacher

Dr. Rob Downey

Dr. Rob Downey is a board-certified family practice MD and IFM Certified Practitioner. He has 21 years of experience as an attending physician and 15 years as a functional medicine provider. He is the founder of Seaworthy Functional Medicine. Seaworthy is a pioneer in responding to needs for better availability of functional medicine in underserved areas of Alaska, as well as travel medicine to Alaska, wherein non-Alaskans can visit once, become an Alaskan patient and follow up from anywhere on earth. 

He has spent his whole career working for, and on behalf of, non-profit hospitals and Alaskan Native corporations. Many of the people Dr. Downey has the privilege of providing care for have a very high ratio of challenges to resources; this gives him a unique capacity to share a key lesson – a little goes a long way.

Take Action Today to Gain Full Access to this Training at an Incredible 55% Discount

Here’s Everything You Get:

Regular Price $85

Here’s a breakdown of the course
  • Module 0: Welcome 
    • Audio 1. Welcome and What to Expect
  • Module 1: Stress and Gut Health
    • Audio 2. Stress Overview and Guided Meditation
    • Audio 3. Stress Impact on Digestion, Microbiome, and Immunity 
    • Audio 4. Stress and Inflammation 
    • Audio 5. Tools to Manage Stress
  • Module 2: Gut and Immunity
    • Audio 6. What is leaky gut?
    • Audio 7. Causes of leaky gut
    • Audio 8. The Gut-Autoimmune Connection
    • Audio 9. Lifestyle Factors to Help with Leaky Gut
    • Audio 10. Supplements and Foods for Gut Health
  • Module 3: Optimizing The Gut and Microbiome
    • Audio 11. We’re are a Walking Talking Ecosystem
    • Audio 12. The Many Benefits of Growing Food
    • Audio 13. Food Timing and Intermittent Fasting
  • Module 4: Deeper Into The Gut and Nervous System
    • Audio 14. The Importance of The Vagus Nerve
    • Audio 15 The Autonomic Nervous System
  • Module 5: Lab Testing
    • Audio 16. SIBO Testing
    • Audio 17. Stool and Microbiome Testing
    • Audio 18. Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Module 6: Audio 19. Thank You and Congratulations

The Healthy Gut AudioCourse is the first in a series of AudioCourses from

Isn’t it reassuring to know that the simple solutions to a healthy and optimized gut are just a click away? The opportunity you’ve been seeking is here. 

Take Action Today to Gain Full Access to this Training at an Incredible 55% Discount

Here’s Everything You Get:

Regular Price $85

There’s Absolutely No Risk!

I’m so confident you’ll gain immense value and clarity from this AudioCourse, I’m removing all the risk with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Go through the AudioCourse, apply the principles you’re about to learn, and if you’re not satisfied, simply let me know, and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked. No hard feelings. Promise. 🙂

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Here’s Everything You Get:

Regular Price $85